Why New Orleanians Don’t Like Miley Cyrus

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New Orleanians are very defensive of Twerking. It is our native dance. Like American Indians and Africans and people of ancient cultures who have had spiritual tribal dances associated with their way of life, this is what Twerking is to us and our sacred dance has been hijacked by people like Miley Cyrus. We are not mad because people like Miley are twerking. We are a generous people, and as we have shared Jazz, and Blues, and Rock ‘n Roll with the world, we feel everyone should experience the joy of some good booty shaking. What angers us as well as the Nola party Gods we worship is the way it is being done.



Miley’s version of Twerking is like a little bunny rabbit tweaking its cute and fuzzy tail. It’s like a girl in a grade school play trying to do a Julliard routine. It just doesn’t measure up.

Miley’s version of Twerking is clearly missing some of the elements that New Orleanians have grown accustomed to in a twerk over the years. First, there is no bounce to it whatsoever. She is bringing shame on the twerk. A good twerk is in the hips. Once the hips get bouncing in the correct motion it starts a chain reaction that spreads to the meaty part of the buttocks, which Miley clearly lacks. Once the buttocks start bouncing it creates a circular zen motion that enraptures the body in a twerking bliss of movement. Miley demonstrated none of these other elements. What she does is akin to the people in this video below calling themselves B Boys.

Since she is lacking the hip Twisting motion, and she is clearly not Working it like it is supposed to be done, let’s just take the T and W out of the equation and call it ‘Erking’ so there is no more confusion.

When Miley can twerk like this…maybe she can have the T and W back.