Local humor blog posts satirical article, incites outrage!

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crawfish1 Fear not Nola residents. Crawfish is not in any danger of being tamed or sued. Yesterday we posted another article — in a long line of satirical articles and memes we have posted on our Facebook page for 2 years — about a Nola transplant that filed a lawsuit for his crawfish being ‘too spicy’. The article went viral and people were up in arms about the impending crawfish apocalypse. We were inundated with emails and comments asking if this was real.

Of course it wasn’t. Again, it was satire. It was meant to be humorous.

Our intent when we wrote the article was to poke fun at just how absurd and ridiculous the REAL cultural crackdown is on live music, go cups, parade vendors etc. What was rather eye opening for us was just how many people thought this article was factual despite it being pretty ludicrous. I mean…a dude sues because his girlfriend felt a turkey neck left in a boil too long was excessively spicy? Come on people!

We were stunned at how many people shared and commented on the article thinking it was real. With the benefit of hindsight, we now understand why. It isn’t really that far fetched. Who would’ve EVER thought that New Orleans of all cities would crackdown on live music? Just last week everyone was up in arms over the rumors of to go cups in the crosshairs. Out-of-towners have come to New Orleans looking to change our city. People have sued businesses for the silliest of reasons. Why would spicy crawfish be off limits?

To anyone unnecessarily riled up, we apologize. Perhaps it was poor form on our behalf to toy with the already jittery emotions of a populace weary of losing things vital to our culture for the purpose of a few cheap laughs on Facebook. Perhaps our sense of humor is not worthy of a Pulitzer Prize winning news outlet such as The Onion. Perhaps we should have put a disclaimer in the article stating it was satire despite 2 years of postings that already validated what we do.

But come on people. A lawsuit over a spicy turkey neck left in a boil too long? Check the source before calling for people’s heads! We post pics of drunk people passed out in the street.