Saints under investigation for new bounty program.

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rashadRoger Goodell and the NFL have launched a full scale investigation amid rumors of a new bounty program in New Orleans instituted by recently reinstated head coach Sean Payton.

Still incensed over losing a season last year to suspension, Payton has returned to the sidelines this year and wants to make opponents pay. A recently released player who has not been named leaked to Goodell and the NFL that Payton told the team at several meetings…

“I want body parts!”

The anonymous player’s claims were initially not taken very seriously until this past week when Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lost a finger on a play involving Saints running back Darren Sproles. The incident forced Goodell to look into the matter more thoroughly. What was found in their search is unnerving.

According to sources, Darren Sproles was paid an undisclosed sum for the finger. Sproles was reportedly unhappy with the bounty he collected, as rumor has it he was going for the whole hand. Sources claim the highest bounty offered this season was for Matt Ryan’s head. Cam Newton’s testicle and Josh Freeman’s heart were also high on the list. The same sources claim the Saints entire defense collected the bounty for Freeman’s heart last week.