Horrific pictures of Tropical Storm Karen’s devastation in New Orleans

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Last night Tropical Storm Karen whipped through New Orleans like a freight train, leaving unprecedented devastation in her wake.

twigs A branch was mercilessly ripped off a tree Uptown, scarring this neatly kept lawn.
example of how far down the window was when destin fell out In Mid City a car window was left open, dampening the upholstery and soaking the owners pants when he sat down.
fender In Metairie a woman attempting to check the weather report from her phone crashed into the back of this vehicle causing extensive damage.
gutter In the Garden District, excess leaves in this gutter caused massive flooding that created a drip onto a patio below.
newspaper In the Marigny, a newspaper that was not retrieved in time was completely saturated, causing the ink in the sports section to run.
puddle, new orleans, tropical storm karen A puddle formed in the French Quarter. 2 people reportedly stepped in the puddle, one ruining a sock.
flower In Lakeview, improper drainage caused this flower bed to flood, killing 2 lizards and a grasshopper.
twig A branch near City Park fell on a freshly swept sidewalk, causing Fema to send in a cleanup team to clear the path.
broken-umbrella A broken umbrella was reported near a storm drain in Treme but the reports have been unsubstantiated.